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Antilles Digital Media delivers high quality website design and SEO services to rank ahead of your competitors on search engine results. This allows our clients to increase their online organic presence to drive new client acquisition and increase revenue.

Website Design

We offer affordable & SEO ready website design solutions

Content Marketing

We use keyword research to produce high-quality content


Delivering search engine optimized website content and off-page work

PPC Marketing

Increase your targeted paid traffic with strategic PPC campaigns

How You Can 5x your Business Revenue With the right digital marketing strategy

Dear frustrated business owner...

If you want to expand your business but have been overwhelmed by the difficulty to build effective websites… if you’ve tried different marketing companies that promise the world but give you no value… or if you just want a complete turn-key solution for all things digital media but don’t know where to start…

Then pay close attention because what you will read next will help transform your business forever… 

My Name is Lee Black and as the founder of Antilles Digital Media, my passion has always been to help fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. In today’s business environment, in order to be successful in scaling your business, you have to have a thorough digital media presence. Our agency has helped 100’s of businesses, just like yours, create and implement digital media strategies that have generated over $10,000,000 in revenue!

Simplify Your Business and your life

Stop struggling to get website traffic, build your brand and sell your product or services. You can get stuck for weeks, months or even years just trying to get your business’s website and social media off the ground.

Are you struggling with:

No matter what you try, you can’t get a consistent, reliable stream of traffic. Why? Because what you’re told about traffic and attracting an audience is flawed or outdated. 

That’s why almost all traffic strategies do not work for you!

Is Your Website Optimized To Dominate Search Engine Results?

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you need tested and proven traffic & audience strategies that actually work

You don’t need to do a hundred things to get traffic that converts.

You only need a handful of proven strategies that work consistently and repeatedly.

We’ve spent the past few years in-the-trenches with all kinds of businesses in different industries.

The result of all this are  put together in the Traffic & Audience Shortcuts in our SEO Audit.

These shortcuts give you a crystal clear roadmap for attracting, growing, scaling, and monetizing your audience.

Everything is designed to get you started quickly—and get your audit within 5 minutes!

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Client Testimonials

"Antilles Digital Media was able to increase my new patient calls and the quality of calls my new practice was getting on a daily basis. Even during COVID-19 my practice was growing while others were closing down!"

Dr. Tim Hartman – Owner of Limitless Chiropractic

"This SEO Agency helped me grow my business, even during COVID-19! I 10/10 recommend Antilles Digital Media to any business who is looking to expand and grow!"

Yvette Kerns – Owner of Petite Cook Charlotte

"Basically he gave me a start date and the phone started ringing the next day! They really put the customer first."

Clayton Davenport – Owner of Life Line Services

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