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What Is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a process that identifies problems and errors that could prevent your site from ranking well on Google or other search engines. An SEO audit can include multiple parts, such as:

  • Make sure that your site is correctly crawled and indexed by Google
  • Examining your website to identify on-page SEO issues
  • Check your off-page SEO to identify potential issues on other sites that link back to/relate with your site
  • Verify that your website offers a great user experience for both desktop and mobile users
  • Keyword-optimizing your content
  • Combine your website to create duplicate content or thin content
  • To track the performance of your website, you will need to set up and maintain comprehensive reporting

Why Are SEO Audits Important?

SEO audits are essential to help your website and business to avoid these mistakes:

  • Site health issues causing you to lose organic traffic
  • Losing sales opportunities and/or losing your competitive edge
  • Improperly indexed website causing search engines to not find your site 
  • Getting penalties from Google while you have spam/toxic backlinks to your website